jennifer Rivera

Birth  & PostPartum Doula, Childbirth educator, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, CNHP


Jennifer is a dedicated mother, trusted confidant, a source of strength and reassurance and an eternal optimist!  Those are just some of the amazing qualities that motivate her in helping all families as they navigate the experiences of pregnancy, birth, welcoming a newborn and beyond!  She is also a Georgia native and passionate about all things birth!  Jennifer is a professional doula offering premier prenatal, labor and postpartum support, childbirth education and pregnancy consultation to families in the metro Atlanta area.  Her own experiences with childbirth inspired her journey into the birth world after seeing firsthand that information and empowerment can greatly affect the overall experience of birth.  She believes that birth is a natural process and it is her goal to help all birthing people discover the power they have within to achieve the birth they desire!  By providing Atlanta area residents access to evidence based education and unconditional support throughout pregnancy and birth, Jennifer hopes to replace the fear often associated with birth with empowerment and confidence in the birthing process for all families!  She is also a certified herbalist, Reiki practitioner and a certified natural health professional.  Jennifer attends all types of births (hospital, natural/un-medicated, medicated/epidural, VBAC, home, Cesarean) including adoptions, twin/multiple births, blended families, LGBT families and families of all kinds! 

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Jennifer Rivera, Atlanta Birth & Postpartum Doula, photo credit: Claire Elise Photography
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my philosophy

 is simple:  Your desires for your birth are supported, whatever they may be.  Studies show that doula support can shorten the average labor times, decrease the need for augmentation and pain medication, and increase overall satisfaction in the birth experience for both birthing individuals and their spouses or partners!  Every family can benefit from the priceless support your doula will provide!  The goal at A Beautiful Creation Doula is to inspire, inform and instill confidence in you and in the process of birth as you embark on your journey into parenthood! You should feel empowered and supported in your birth experience, without fear of judgment or expectation!  A Beautiful Creation Doula offers the best in unwavering support and education for your pregnancy, birth and beyond!